New Planets in Astrology

earth orbit zodiac_constellationsThe discovery of new planets over the last two decades is enough to keep astrologers busy in deciphering the meaning and predictive value of the planet discoveries for years to come. Since the beginning of the 21st century astronomers have been announcing the positions and naming the bodies circling in the suns orbit with gusto and enthusiasm. Depending on the orbit and other characteristics astronomers name them either Dwarf planets or minor planets. For simplicity of astrological purposes I will refer to them as the new planets in astrology.

Although some astrologers may be exasperated at the rapidity of adding new planets to the chart interpretation, and indeed too much in the chart can muddy the water and lose the essential meaning. Adding in new planets in your interpretation should only be attempted after mastery of the basic principles of chart analysis.

However the world and the consciousness is evolving a light speed. Astrologers are wise to keep up with the pace yet still must be able to discern when, what and how to add in the influx of archetypes that are being discovered. The multiplicity of human evolution is reflected in the array of archetypes now before us. The world is more complicated and the soul’s path is confronting more challenges beyond the similar fates so many confronted in the past. The characters, Gods and Goddesses in the myths from the new planets reveal the path and circumstances one can find themselves confronting as they travel on their life path.

Traditionally the planets used in the astrology chart only included what one can see without the aid of the telescope, then came Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and in 1977 Chiron. Now there are dwarf planets and Trans Neptunian Objects to incorporate and interpret in the astrology charts. Objects lying outside the orbit of Neptune are called TNO’s or Trans Neptunian Objects, they can be in the Kuiper belt or the Oart cloud, like Sedna.

When you are searching for the astrological meaning and interpretation of the newly discovered planets please keep in mind that these planets are very slow moving and will be in the same sign for decades. Therefore it has little significance on a personal level to interpret the sign the planet is in, as everyone that you know will have that planet in the same sign.

What is important is to find out if your personal planets, (Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) are connected to these outer planets and what house they occupy in your chart. You can then have an understanding of what will transpire when a transit happens to that combination in your chart.

Below you can find basic interpretations for prediction for transits and events.

new planets meaningsAstrology New Planets

Haumea- Hawaiian Mythology Birthing, when connected in your chart will precipitate a birth of sorts.

Makemake- Polynesian Mythology Creation Myth- When activated will begin a desire to harness your creativity within.

Eris- Goddess of strife and discord- situations of being shunned occur, and eruption of anger of present and past events will demand to be dealt with.

Orcus- Roman God of the underworld (think Pluto) Time of psychological exploration leading to change.

Sedna- Inuit Goddess, (the exiled one) Feeling cut off, abandoned, and conned, which leads to develop your inner gifts in spite of life circumstances.

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Quaoar- Creation Myth from the Tongva Indian tribe on California- creative manifestation through eliciting an altered state such as through dancing and singing.

Varuna- Sky God, separating Chaos and protector of evil- keeper of cosmic order. When activated legal and ethical situations can arise.

Ixion- from Greek Mythology- when Ixion is activated in the chart revenge and rage run amok. One can be ‘taken over’ and respond to events in violent ways.

door way to new worldThe myths and meanings of the new planets in astrology will provide the extra insight needed to accurately understand what a person can do to overcome obstacles in their life and make wise decisions.